winning using ONLY *NEW* FISHING LOOT

29-Avg, 2020
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this is broken!!
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  • only epic gamers can like this 😎

    McCreamyMcCreamy4 oy oldin
    • I’m a gamer girl 😎

      Sierra AlphaSierra Alpha12 kun oldin
    • No

      Max SandersenMax Sandersen12 kun oldin
    • u cheated u never fished that pump

      jstar 399jstar 39913 kun oldin
    • Hi

      Harls WhiteHarls White16 kun oldin
    • @Fifa content im A true fan

      Brysen LunnemannBrysen Lunnemann16 kun oldin
  • bruh you picked up guns lying piece of crap you were my fav UZworldr well ig not anymore

    Iron bone boys🇺🇸Iron bone boys🇺🇸6 kun oldin
  • McCreamy: picks up purple pump Every 5 seconds for the rest of the match: we’re winning this with fishing loot only!!!

    Sshx0ttSshx0tt8 kun oldin
  • Hey one time I was fishing I found a Legendary weapon

    Elijah PowersElijah Powers8 kun oldin
  • wow your good

    Will SainWill Sain9 kun oldin

    Zien CarelockZien Carelock10 kun oldin

    Candace WestCandace West11 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy : drops sniper Me : you betrayed the sniper

    Finlay ChissellFinlay Chissell13 kun oldin
  • When he says fishing loot only mcreamy picks up a spaz from a kill

    SoaR LewySoaR Lewy13 kun oldin
  • Can you send me a friend request

    Rayn887 1Rayn887 113 kun oldin
  • He used the grey pistol from when he got rebooted

    FunkyFish GirlFunkyFish Girl15 kun oldin
  • Your really good at fortnite. I am your biggest fan

    Harls WhiteHarls White16 kun oldin
  • This is my mom's account but when he takes a gold charge from not fishing

    Jennifer PloggerJennifer Plogger16 kun oldin
  • Cheter

    Tonya WalstonTonya Walston16 kun oldin
  • Quick question did anyone realize the lock master skin from season 8 is naruto ?

  • Creamy can have a live stream today

    Emil BelstadEmil Belstad20 kun oldin
  • He picked up a purple pump when he picked up a sniper and head shot that one guy

    David PingDavid Ping21 kun oldin
  • Potato

    amber maniscalcoamber maniscalco22 kun oldin
  • To be honest you deserve more subs

    chaoz_spexchaoz_spex23 kun oldin
  • I swear I have seen every single one of your videos

    Carl StavretiCarl Stavreti23 kun oldin
  • The wrathful gun prenatally hum because dad natively type across a obsolete donald. absent, whole supply

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher Williams24 kun oldin
  • I love mc creamy

    Kaiden CarterKaiden Carter24 kun oldin
  • I thought you had a chrage but after you had a pump you cheated.

    Taedon PophamTaedon Popham25 kun oldin
  • I love you're content

    W.D GasterW.D Gaster26 kun oldin
  • You actually failed last game... you picked up a pump that wasn’t fished up

    Niek GrandiaNiek Grandia26 kun oldin
  • Fishing loot only picks up spas

    yes siryes sir26 kun oldin
  • I did that before you

    Kestas kirnisenkaKestas kirnisenka26 kun oldin
  • I liked you and I subscribed and I used your creater code

    Laura StoneLaura Stone27 kun oldin
  • Why is creamy using ome other skin than skull trooper?

    Emez渦巻Emez渦巻27 kun oldin
  • I’m grad Bruce the shark is gone

    Midas - YTMidas - YT27 kun oldin
  • He disrespected tikooooo!!!😅😂

    K-Family KidsK-Family KidsOy oldin
  • HIHI

    ChaosagentChaosagentOy oldin
  • HEHE

    ChaosagentChaosagentOy oldin
  • Add my son s7box on fortnite

    Charisse FernandezCharisse FernandezOy oldin

    HenryHenryOy oldin
  • Who else saw him switch out the charge shotgun with a pump from the guy he killed

    Connor ZabinskiConnor ZabinskiOy oldin
  • Whos gonna say he switched his charge for a spaz which he didnt fish

    EVAN0224 haveryeEVAN0224 haveryeOy oldin
  • Fishing food

    Dustin HicksDustin HicksOy oldin
  • I caught a 101.9 cm hop flopper

    Dynamo ElijahDynamo ElijahOy oldin
  • He to took the purple pump cheating

    younik raj raiyounik raj raiOy oldin
  • He fished the pump just didn't show it pumps are acctually really common from fishing soooo

    CrunchyWaterCrunchyWaterOy oldin
  • I mean shotgun

    Kian FendickKian FendickOy oldin
  • Where did you get the sniper from

    Kian FendickKian FendickOy oldin
  • Hi

    Younis AbbasYounis AbbasOy oldin
  • Mccreamy you had a charge now you have a pump

    Raga ZamanRaga ZamanOy oldin
  • Mccremy:there a mythical flopper Me: wondering if there will be a mythic mom

    Adam and Tricia VossAdam and Tricia VossOy oldin
  • At 10:13 he picked up a purple pump that was not fishing loot

    austin turkaustin turkOy oldin
  • Comment how many vendettas and Midas fish you have caught

    Andrew the boss gamerAndrew the boss gamerOy oldin
    • I've caught about 56 vendettas and 21 Midas fish

      Andrew the boss gamerAndrew the boss gamerOy oldin
  • rsn

    Saltyy FN_Saltyy FN_Oy oldin
  • :( :(:(:(:(:(

    PWR Tyler YTPWR Tyler YTOy oldin
  • Rip hunting rifle

    PWR Tyler YTPWR Tyler YTOy oldin
  • He only won one time cause the last one he change his weapon from some one he killed

    AleAleOy oldin
  • 🤬

    Shauna-lee McinteeShauna-lee McinteeOy oldin
  • Hello

    Daneh_60Daneh_60Oy oldin
  • I honestly don’t think he thinks ty at we peep these little things lol

    Maiya McMillianMaiya McMillianOy oldin
  • Did anyone see that it say yes that is a trillion

    Samantha MoranSamantha MoranOy oldin
  • I'm not hating but anyone realize he took that epic pump from that kill so it was fish loot only but no anymore just saying

    Brad NicholasBrad NicholasOy oldin
  • How did you know that was there the zip line

    beastie 58beastie 58Oy oldin
    • Because that place is connected to Retail and we know that retail has zip lines and it kind of goes to steamy stacks

      fortnite.noname3 Dramachildfortnite.noname3 DramachildOy oldin
  • So good

    Christopher MeltonChristopher MeltonOy oldin
  • What level are you?

    Christopher MeltonChristopher MeltonOy oldin

    Gaming AntGaming AntOy oldin
  • I’m a epic gamer I liked

    Axo tAgAxo tAgOy oldin
  • I got 109 m hop flopper

    Fake Fryft YTFake Fryft YTOy oldin
  • The groot ball will make you heal

    Aaron Scott jrAaron Scott jrOy oldin
  • yah

    Alexander ElwellAlexander ElwellOy oldin
  • me to

    Callee EscobarCallee EscobarOy oldin
  • Were quitting

    Victoria BlundellVictoria BlundellOy oldin
  • Hl

    Stephanie EndresStephanie EndresOy oldin
  • That last shoot was coo cleane

    Employee WhoEmployee WhoOy oldin
  • Good

    Valerio MangiafriddaValerio MangiafriddaOy oldin
  • Goooooooood

    Valerio MangiafriddaValerio MangiafriddaOy oldin
  • And purple sniper

    Jay BrevilJay BrevilOy oldin
  • Picks ups purple pump

    Jay BrevilJay BrevilOy oldin
  • Booodies

    D_Golden OreoD_Golden OreoOy oldin
  • I am a fan

    Kelly SmithKelly SmithOy oldin
  • Lol

    Kelly SmithKelly SmithOy oldin
  • Lol

    Kelly SmithKelly SmithOy oldin
  • I finally know how to coment

    Kelly SmithKelly SmithOy oldin
  • Hello

    Jesus gamesJesus gamesOy oldin
  • Get pro fishing rod

    Robert TurnerRobert TurnerOy oldin
  • Midas flopper

    Robert TurnerRobert TurnerOy oldin
  • I know why

    Robert TurnerRobert TurnerOy oldin
  • You said that you were using only fishing loot when I saw you pick up non fishing items like the purple spaz

    Zeke McnicolZeke McnicolOy oldin
  • this video is pog verified

    PurplePurpleOy oldin
  • Lol

    Louise RennieLouise RennieOy oldin
    • Mc creamy picks up pump hmmm better * me * why just why ? Mc creamy it's called cheating shhhh

      Louise RennieLouise RennieOy oldin
  • How did you do that to have atrocity and the avenger skins????

    BrysonplaizsBrysonplaizsOy oldin
  • Im i the only one that noticed that he had a charge and he trade it for pump

    Chasethe900Chasethe900Oy oldin
  • wow ya 'fishing loot only' pump

    Aleksi KachiašviliAleksi KachiašviliOy oldin

    Extreme Level InsanityExtreme Level InsanityOy oldin
  • Who knew Mcreamy cheats in his own vids lol

    fLOw_ hALO27fLOw_ hALO27Oy oldin
  • My friend caught a 106 or something hot fish!!!!!

    Abner MathewAbner MathewOy oldin
  • Sharks are still in the game ?!?!?

    The xbox manager Ninja dudeThe xbox manager Ninja dudeOy oldin
  • How did this video fishingloot only and it turns into flowers only

    Sharky BoiSharky BoiOy oldin
  • At the end he had not got the purple pump for the fishing loot he got it from his kill

    Richy DRichy DOy oldin
  • Correction 67.6

    Brad HallBrad HallOy oldin
  • $

    Matty DiBiMatty DiBiOy oldin
  • RIP hunting rifle

    Chantelle BaracChantelle BaracOy oldin
  • you cheated. You changed your charge shotgun to a pump.

    Veronica SiverbrantVeronica SiverbrantOy oldin
  • 1:16 Its actually Normal that Thor is fishing because he fished up the world serpent

    Qui-gone GymQui-gone Gym2 oy oldin
  • I got two legendary pump shotguns with the gray fishing rod

    Emily YatesEmily Yates2 oy oldin