this *NEW* sniper is overpowered...

4-Dek, 2020
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  • now this is epic 😎👍

    McCreamyMcCreamyOy oldin
    • Nice vid

      jet_phoenix23jet_phoenix235 kun oldin
    • Mccreamy is the best UZworldr

      Rachel McclernonRachel Mcclernon16 kun oldin
    • Hi

      Gaming FortnightGaming Fortnight19 kun oldin
    • use the jet

      SkyWorldSkyWorld19 kun oldin
    • no

      matcharockmatcharockOy oldin
  • 0

    Drayke Ulrich FISHINGDrayke Ulrich FISHING19 soat oldin
  • I just subbed

  • McCreamy are you from New Zealand?

    Funny GuyFunny Guy3 kun oldin
  • McCreamy: *Complains that there are no people* 5 second later God: *Give him 5 billion enemy*

    Robin LifeRobin Life5 kun oldin
  • McCreamy I did a yt chanle becoz of u

    ManitoManito5 kun oldin
  • He dosent always spawn at his spaceship he also spawns at the black hole's water

    WoofWoof6 kun oldin
  • LazerBum

    patrik sedlacekpatrik sedlacek8 kun oldin
  • I got your merch and you are my favourite UZworldr

    Ari WilsonAri Wilson8 kun oldin
  • I got sniped by mandolorian while landing once:(

    Natdanai ChaiwiwatNatdanai Chaiwiwat9 kun oldin
  • All other sniper: mythic sniper Mythic sniper:JUST A SNIPER

    Bassbreak GodBassbreak God10 kun oldin
  • When he has any gun he gets like 49 kills then sniper only 3-6 max. Looolllllllllllll

    Sarah FreemanSarah Freeman12 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy are you from new zealand

    Teina ThorpeTeina Thorpe13 kun oldin
  • McCreamys friend :good job m creamy: meme try a teleport things

    Carter GrossmanCarter Grossman14 kun oldin
  • Can I add you

    Kain EdgarKain Edgar14 kun oldin
  • me: finds all the heavy ammo in the world mccreamy: hOw??!?!?!?!?

    PbliccoPblicco14 kun oldin

    James StansfieldJames Stansfield14 kun oldin
  • McCreamy I am subscribed and I really want to try out for xd clan pls👌👌

    Frank GoddenFrank Godden15 kun oldin
  • If you yoump from a high building and uses the mailay 1 meter before you wont take falldamage

    Tiger CoolTiger Cool16 kun oldin
  • Man do sniped is insane the Exotic are to what are your guys’ favorite exotic gun Mine is the Sub

    QC _SkrxypzQC _Skrxypz17 kun oldin
    • *dub

      QC _SkrxypzQC _Skrxypz17 kun oldin
  • I bet mau would’ve let creamy get all the kills instead of taking them for himself while he’s recording

    Michael MatteMichael Matte17 kun oldin
  • Did he not know about the rocks

    John ShelorJohn Shelor18 kun oldin
  • McCreamy hopefluy you see this why dident you use the mando jet?

    SkyWorldSkyWorld19 kun oldin
  • 69...

    SpeedRun PiggySpeedRun Piggy20 kun oldin

    Brandi LappBrandi Lapp23 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Yossy SidhartaYossy Sidharta24 kun oldin
    • Can anyone plss give me gift Epic is Hugo sidharta

      Yossy SidhartaYossy Sidharta24 kun oldin
    • Heey guys

      Yossy SidhartaYossy Sidharta24 kun oldin
  • Bruh I swear to god with how good u r at sniping I’m starting to think u have aimbot like bruh UR SO GOOD!!!

    Elizabeth BarrElizabeth Barr26 kun oldin
  • 69 years hahahaha

    Raufan EgaRaufan Ega29 kun oldin
  • Remember when it was mau not tweaks not complaining I love tweaks but just saying

    Marili RuizMarili RuizOy oldin
  • You do know that lazarbeams user is lazarlazar not lazerbeamyt nice try doe

    poopy masterpoopy masterOy oldin
  • McCreamy: I got sniped by an AI, im the most unluckiest person alive. Me: I GOT SNIPED IN THE HEAD BY MANDO

    NoggyNoggyOy oldin
  • Hi

    Blanca SeguraBlanca SeguraOy oldin
  • Fearless better sniping

    Gabriel BakerGabriel BakerOy oldin
  • Keep up the content

    James WoodsJames WoodsOy oldin
  • Say hi if you love this game🙃💙

    Kimmy NigthcoreKimmy NigthcoreOy oldin
  • um 9:41 y did it say that he completed the challenges shotgun and ar eliminations?????

    nathan moorenathan mooreOy oldin
  • haha i got an epeletic seizuress

    Julian SteinJulian SteinOy oldin
  • I was playing arena and one game i was running and jumping and mid air he shot me in the head

    Hugo LindstenHugo LindstenOy oldin
  • Im unsubing just bc this video is clickbait

    Sirr ToxicSirr ToxicOy oldin
  • You should have taken the jetpack

    Rohan MohapatraRohan MohapatraOy oldin
  • I'm a little mc Creamy rn

    EasyzegEasyzegOy oldin
  • If you have an controller Press RT and I could do 45 damage like lightning

    Doug KellyDoug KellyOy oldin
  • Me: *finds out that there is a mythic sniper in the game* Also me: i bet mccreamy made a vid about it 100%

    Muhammad TahirMuhammad TahirOy oldin
  • Latterly the hole video ,,110’‘ another ,,110‘‘ Xd

    Hektik PotatoHektik PotatoOy oldin
  • Uuuuuu

    GTA GameingGTA GameingOy oldin
  • 😏Mc Creamy Said SMASH the subscribe button😏

    Beernt NotFoundBeernt NotFoundOy oldin
  • The mandalorian sniped me out of the air once

    Vencopro 122Vencopro 122Oy oldin
  • LOL 2:18 IS HILARIOUS (Mcreamy Gets Pickaxed)

    Kaniz FatimaKaniz FatimaOy oldin
  • It awesome. I love it too☺️

    ice quartzice quartzOy oldin
  • It’s so overpowered that they had 3 attempts

    Eric JonEric JonOy oldin
  • Are we going to ignore the fact that at 5:55 creamy hit someone for 69 damage

    VirxsVirxsOy oldin
  • The new gun that does 10 damage because it's damage over time I think?

    Armani WatsonArmani WatsonOy oldin
  • The opposite of the exotic sniper is mando's sniper

    Oz The GuyOz The GuyOy oldin
  • 8:06 kids on the swing play ground be like

    Kingshark101Kingshark101Oy oldin
  • That's the skull trooper

    Chris BanksChris BanksOy oldin
  • Betttt

    SwaZ TrickzSwaZ TrickzOy oldin
  • Lol

    XXx609XXx609Oy oldin
  • Plz reply

    Ninja WyattNinja WyattOy oldin
  • My bro tat me how to spell I’m 5

    Ninja WyattNinja WyattOy oldin
  • What

    Ninja WyattNinja WyattOy oldin
  • he should try playing widow in overwatch

    Bor WinterBor WinterOy oldin
  • This dude really said it’s a heat seeking sniper lol

    SoLo ExitiesSoLo ExitiesOy oldin
  • runs by several med kits but chooses to keep 2 bandages

    Peter WilkinsPeter WilkinsOy oldin
  • Are you still friends with Mau???

    Alvan KimAlvan KimOy oldin
  • Where is Mau I need answers

    JC920JC920Oy oldin
  • How is it that a sniper reloads faster than the new shotgun💀

    iilostvibes _iiiilostvibes _iiOy oldin
  • It’s only op when mcreamy has it

    Lethal BBXLethal BBXOy oldin
  • Imagine Fea4less with this sniper

    Agastya YadavAgastya YadavOy oldin
  • Why do people dislike the video

    Misfit ErerMisfit ErerOy oldin
  • Did anyone not notice he was playing with tweaks ?

    NJNJOy oldin
  • I tied by you

    Cooper LCooper LOy oldin
  • That gun is insain

    TTV-kikiprox ProxTTV-kikiprox ProxOy oldin
  • The only thing I’m hearing is “a hundred and ten”

    Michaelboio GamesMichaelboio GamesOy oldin

    alexmaan10alexmaan10Oy oldin
  • I like his Videos but it’s kinda dirty that hes uploading a video a day in december because the CPM is higher than in other months!

    Moflo30Moflo30Oy oldin
  • I LIKE HOW you put mythic in a sniper when it is non mythic but when it is mythic you don't lol. keep up the great work.

    Akki playzAkki playzOy oldin
  • Hey guys, there’s a thing you can do with the super-hero skins, make em blue (sky blue and then light blue with fabric texture) and hide against the crystals, like if this works for you so Mccreamy CAN SEE!

    RavenRavenOy oldin
  • I wonder how much sleep you get, how much sleep do you get a day?

    EvaaAlexandraaEvaaAlexandraaOy oldin
  • Ya dum dum it is not heat seeking it is termal.

    Kosta MalidžanKosta MalidžanOy oldin
  • Mccreamy asks for the people dud there are so many people

    Krishna VaghelaKrishna VaghelaOy oldin
  • I love how he made the cover of his vid lazarbeamYT

    hayley birminghamhayley birminghamOy oldin
  • Epic needs to add mandos pistol

    roko fašenroko fašenOy oldin
  • What happen with u and mau

    SpaceSushi _ESpaceSushi _EOy oldin
  • After he won the match look at the challenges at the bottom left u can see he completed shotgun eliminations at 9:38

    It’s CoffeeIt’s CoffeeOy oldin
  • I know mcreamy never said this because t whatever Mcreamy: why did you guys click on this Video? Normal viewer: because you are my fav UZworldr Me: because lazarbeam was dead in the thumbnail

    Gaming with CadeGaming with CadeOy oldin
  • Maladatorion sniper

    sypher pksypher pkOy oldin
  • 9:27 *henchman has entered the chat*

    Jack_Gamez 123Jack_Gamez 123Oy oldin
  • No one Absolutely no one Mcreamy hEaT sEeKiNg SnIpEr

    Bella MeridaBella MeridaOy oldin
  • I like that but the epic games “nerfed” that and now it’s not so strong but it remains a good gun

    Christian ValenaChristian ValenaOy oldin
  • Very epic

    Content_for_memesContent_for_memesOy oldin
  • Ima be honest this new sniper is just a thermal heavy

    Loser AlexLoser AlexOy oldin

    Adhrit krishnanAdhrit krishnanOy oldin
  • Go back to XD!!!

    Alexander SakellarisAlexander SakellarisOy oldin
  • I got this gun in a vid in mah utube channel. Also got a Vic Roy and a loot lamma

    • I’m a post it next week

  • New gun in Fortnite: *exist* McCreamy: Overpowered 😱😱😱

    WynterSn1pesWynterSn1pesOy oldin
  • I play fortnite and I don't really watch any youtubers that play except from loserfruit but I actually enjoy watching you-

    ppheadppheadOy oldin
  • I watched your videos and I love them

    Drew handleyDrew handleyOy oldin
  • Yo bro new sound 10:14 in playback speed 0.5

    1,000 subs with 5 vid’s Challenge1,000 subs with 5 vid’s ChallengeOy oldin
  • Epic

    1,000 subs with 5 vid’s Challenge1,000 subs with 5 vid’s ChallengeOy oldin
  • Fun fact: when ever you say “fun fact” people always read your comment 😂

    Maria GuerraMaria GuerraOy oldin
    • Stolen....

      Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets14 kun oldin