12-Dek, 2020
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this video is VERY EPIC!!!!!
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  • like this video if you are EPIC!!

    McCreamyMcCreamyOy oldin
    • @B3N.190 9 I’m not just epic im legendary

      Christina PfleghaarChristina Pfleghaar5 kun oldin
    • Oooo Thank u

      Atlas KingAtlas King6 kun oldin
    • I liked

      Tracey HolleyTracey Holley8 kun oldin
    • Shut down

      Penguin GamerPenguin Gamer12 kun oldin
    • Thanks now I am epic

      PickleboiPickleboi13 kun oldin
  • Trust me thas sniper is op i use it and won like 6 games and there is a surprise when you shoot it shoots fire

    ENAS BOSSENAS BOSS9 soat oldin
  • If not go right where is 3 house broken next to streamy stack and you can find blaze there

    ENAS BOSSENAS BOSS9 soat oldin
  • You still dont know th blaze sniper you can find right next to streamy stack ans swaety sand blaze is much in sweaty sands in thr middle of sweaty sands and holly heges

    ENAS BOSSENAS BOSS9 soat oldin
  • Why didn’t they use the fire exotic sniper.

    Mr GöstMr Göst2 kun oldin
  • the dragons breath sniper came out like right after he released this video

    DevvyDevvy2 kun oldin
  • Where Mcreamy from

    MOO MOOMOO MOO2 kun oldin
  • I like

    Ushekia RogersUshekia Rogers2 kun oldin
  • Gamers:We Want Hunting Rifle Back While Fortnite:Use Mandolorian Sniper

    Dayan BaigDayan Baig3 kun oldin
  • Wtf 10k Gold Is The Max I Should Had 19k Or 20k If 10k Wasn't The Max Capacity

    Dayan BaigDayan Baig3 kun oldin
  • Wow

    marjietheismarjietheis5 kun oldin
  • Bro yur cracked

    marjietheismarjietheis5 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Zion james MoodleyZion james Moodley5 kun oldin
  • Ho

    Zion james MoodleyZion james Moodley5 kun oldin
  • U are missing the dragons breath sniper at the small town with broken houses near steamy

    LeekgamingLeekgaming5 kun oldin
  • I'm epic

    Thomas McDonaldThomas McDonald6 kun oldin
  • Bro he’s playing a macro cheater

    Candace BlumenthalCandace Blumenthal6 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy the sniper god says like the video

    Danelle AndrewsDanelle Andrews6 kun oldin
  • Ur vids r so fun to watch

    TheWardWarlord YTTheWardWarlord YT6 kun oldin
  • my guy MCCREAMY is cracked at fortnite my guy ;)

    Will ClaytonWill Clayton7 kun oldin
  • Are you Aussie

    Asherbasher 32Asherbasher 327 kun oldin
  • On

    Sawyer OakiesSawyer Oakies7 kun oldin
  • U fergot abbout the fire charge sniprr

    EdiEdi7 kun oldin
  • Dam he read my mind and i enjoyed it

    Lamour RoweLamour Rowe7 kun oldin
  • umm surpent au? aka macro cheater

    Zack QTTZack QTT7 kun oldin
  • whos here while at school

    Marshall SeislMarshall Seisl8 kun oldin
  • I a youtuber

    galaxy scargalaxy scar8 kun oldin
  • You forgot the lever action sniper

    Edward HedlundEdward Hedlund8 kun oldin
  • You dont have All exotics you need blazes snipet

    xakx_nightxakx_night9 kun oldin
    • This video was old

      bronzzzboys _bronzzzboys _8 kun oldin
  • you are the best sniper and I use ur code

    Mike BudnitskyMike Budnitsky9 kun oldin
  • At the beginning: he took all my v bucks .’ You see 11,000 vbucks

    ClnxzxClnxzx9 kun oldin
  • The dragon breath sniper?

    wh29khwh29kh10 kun oldin
    • Anyone?

      wh29khwh29kh10 kun oldin
  • Any legends 🟤:-/wh😂o are watching after three weeks

    Anwer gamingAnwer gaming10 kun oldin

    Traerock9000Traerock900010 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy it still stole all my vbucks vbuck 11,000

    Cesar BenitezCesar Benitez10 kun oldin
  • Use cood creamy

    Try hard pro knight AdamTry hard pro knight Adam11 kun oldin
  • IMAGINE if they did the exact same thing that they did with the double pump to the snipers 😳

    Aideeno TubeAideeno Tube11 kun oldin
  • can you pls but the names of your video music in the description of your vids pls

    Johnathan GraceJohnathan Grace11 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy: sniper legend Fe4r: sniper king

    Nathan Dicaire élèveNathan Dicaire élève12 kun oldin
  • U should bring xd back with the new snipers

    tiny rytiny ry12 kun oldin
  • They forgot the night hawk!!!

    TrextwoyTrextwoy12 kun oldin
  • Me: doesn’t like the video My vbucks:am i a joke to you

    TheUnicornCandyQueenTheUnicornCandyQueen12 kun oldin
  • I am epic

    Tripp KrobTripp Krob13 kun oldin
  • What happened to mau

  • please can u do this again with a lever action rifle coz its basically a sniper

    NedMDSNedMDS13 kun oldin

    Liam HeslinLiam Heslin13 kun oldin
  • Dude you didn’t get the dragon breath sniper

    SWAG_IS QTSWAG_IS QT14 kun oldin
  • You forgot dragon sniper

    Eran RapsonEran Rapson14 kun oldin
  • Your ultra sniper broo mcc creamy best

    ام عبدالرحمن حمدام عبدالرحمن حمد14 kun oldin
  • He forgot the lever action :(

    Gavin DownsGavin Downs15 kun oldin
  • Mrcreamy should 1v1 fe4rless sniper only

    Aleksandra KilikAleksandra Kilik15 kun oldin
  • I can belley get a snipper shoot on a giy

    Liam BarclayLiam Barclay15 kun oldin
  • What about the lever action lol

    ED SpadeED Spade16 kun oldin
  • When you got all the singers you were like Thanos

    kelgroupkelgroup16 kun oldin
  • 7:25

    Krishiv KumarKrishiv Kumar16 kun oldin
  • you forgot the dragon breath sniper

    Criptider GamingCriptider Gaming16 kun oldin
  • I though serpent au was banned

    DEX PayneDEX Payne17 kun oldin
  • 1:37 LMAO

    TheUnicornCandyQueenTheUnicornCandyQueen17 kun oldin
  • 1:38 this sound is sus 👀😳🤤

    TheifzzTheifzz17 kun oldin
  • What sniper do you thinks the best

    Drew AndersonDrew Anderson17 kun oldin
  • how is mccreamy dancing on himself i the beginning

    ShadowShadow17 kun oldin
  • Creamy= SNIPER PRO

    hayden higginshayden higgins17 kun oldin
  • today i sniped everyone when i am seing everyone i meen everyone

    soko_ 19soko_ 1917 kun oldin
  • I love it bids btw

    Kalen RobertsKalen Roberts18 kun oldin
  • Why did you get the boom sniper and not the dragon one?

    P O T A T O POTATOP O T A T O POTATO18 kun oldin

    Aarav SanthoshAarav Santhosh18 kun oldin
    • Pls notice

      Aarav SanthoshAarav Santhosh18 kun oldin
  • He did this right before the exotics started costing less gold...oof

    Alvin MattssonAlvin Mattsson19 kun oldin
  • SerpentAU..........

    XBL MuddyXBL Muddy19 kun oldin
  • Could you do handcam

    SalimSalim19 kun oldin
  • i got a victory royal by using the storm scout. it did ten damage and then sixty. that sixty damage won me the game

    GeorgeGaming151GeorgeGaming15119 kun oldin
  • can u make video where u wont take any damage in game

    jēkabs Gediņšjēkabs Gediņš20 kun oldin
  • What about the dragon sniper from blaze

    Oliver CarranzaOliver Carranza20 kun oldin
  • What about the fire sniper?

    RealxzeRealxze20 kun oldin
  • I want to videos of Max

    Joshua BellewJoshua Bellew20 kun oldin
  • ' I andMatt and watches your videos

    Joshua BellewJoshua Bellew20 kun oldin
  • I love ur content

    Vidhya AVidhya A22 kun oldin
  • He forgot the dragon breath

    Mason StobbsMason Stobbs22 kun oldin
  • Where is the good guns

    Alanta PattersonAlanta Patterson22 kun oldin
  • Should do a video were you vs fearless in a trick shot battle

    Mirjana CupacMirjana Cupac22 kun oldin
  • Add the dragons breath to it instead of the purple bolt

    Gdjboy23Gdjboy2322 kun oldin
  • When mcreamy said that it’s sniper season I think it’s mcrcreamy’s season rather than sniper season. Like if you agree. 👇

    Matthew Farrington-smithMatthew Farrington-smith23 kun oldin
  • The spicy chimpanzee relevantly cry because stopsign modestly jump pro a mountainous glockenspiel. shallow, absent factory

    Christopher WilliamsChristopher Williams23 kun oldin
  • Wtf it shoots tiny clingers

    Steven SanchezSteven Sanchez23 kun oldin
  • I realized they shoot clingers is it only me? 😂

    Alexander GacaAlexander Gaca23 kun oldin
  • McCreamy: this is redemption Me: what the heck does redemption mean

    skullzskullz24 kun oldin
  • Too bad mccreamy I don't have to leave a like because I don't have vbucks! (I still liked the video though)

    skullzskullz24 kun oldin
  • I liked the video and sub and serpentau lol

    bruhdude somethingvoxbruhdude somethingvox24 kun oldin
  • You should ask epic games to make you a MCCreamy Heavy sniper :D

    vikznvikzn24 kun oldin
  • No way you are a pro

    Dustin GillDustin Gill25 kun oldin
  • Where is the lever action rifle

  • Dragons breath...

    The Cyber PhoenixThe Cyber Phoenix26 kun oldin
  • They need to add u as an npc that sells the hunting rifle

    Daniel BoneDaniel Bone26 kun oldin
  • Who is the best sniper, fearless or Mccreamy

    Alyssa JoAlyssa Jo26 kun oldin
  • And also use his code creamy in the item shop

    Bilquis PatelBilquis Patel26 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy is one of the best snipers one out of ten I'd say ten subscribe to him or a massive spider will go in your be and leave a like or the spider will lay eggs in your bed to and also use code creamy in the item shop

    Bilquis PatelBilquis Patel26 kun oldin
  • I have no vb

    Creeper Man23Creeper Man2327 kun oldin
  • Y did I just get this noti? It was a week ago

    MeloMelo27 kun oldin
  • I have liked

    Louise MortenLouise Morten27 kun oldin
  • It stole his v bucks but he has 11,500 🤫

    Yahya NachabeYahya Nachabe27 kun oldin
  • There is a dragons breath sniper rifle you could have been using instead of purple bolt

    Tony FloresTony Flores27 kun oldin