3-Dek, 2020
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this is the BEST EXOTIC weapon better than all the MYTHICS in FORTNITE SEASON 5!!
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  • what is your favourite thing about season 5?

    McCreamyMcCreamyOy oldin
    • Exotics

    • Your vids

      rebec testorerebec testore22 kun oldin
    • Sand tunneling

      PoGo AwesomePoGo Awesome27 kun oldin
    • That every body is happy about 1 thousand something gold meanwhile I have over 7 thousand

      Fat DuckyFat DuckyOy oldin
    • Rocket league season 2

      reuben likes animereuben likes animeOy oldin
  • This is even better than the mythic pistol from season 2

    A Derp That Does StuffA Derp That Does StuffKun oldin
  • I’m start’in to see more memes... like it!

    Brayden KwiatkowskiBrayden KwiatkowskiKun oldin
  • It only cost 500

    Sssmurfy _Sssmurfy _Kun oldin
  • Me sitting on 10k gold: where tf y’all been😂😂

    Parker BensonParker BensonKun oldin
  • creamy da crmlorinin

    Ije B NwankwoIje B Nwankwo12 kun oldin
  • The heavy sniper does 60 damage she just posted when did the 10

    Boogy MannBoogy Mann12 kun oldin
  • Shut up I love the exotic boom sniper

    Jean-Philippe LesteJean-Philippe Leste13 kun oldin
  • I have 10K gold how does no one have gold?

    SpartanSpartan14 kun oldin
  • The heavy sniper is like that because it would be too op with tons of damage

    Brittany CashBrittany Cash16 kun oldin
  • You mean mclorian

    Young isaiah MolloneYoung isaiah Mollone17 kun oldin
  • Is this payday music playing

    nice-guy56 neumannice-guy56 neuman17 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy literaly said ultra rare kaboom sniper and he showed 700 damage now he say it trash so 🙁 Me: ???

    GABR13LGABR13L19 kun oldin
  • When I came back and started to play again I got 2 exotic in 5 games didn’t know they were that rare

    Zexl.Zexl.19 kun oldin
  • i have 5000 gold

    Michael OtrembiakMichael Otrembiak20 kun oldin
  • Can you send to me skins or vbucks please😥😥

    Shimaa SaberShimaa Saber20 kun oldin
    • My name is cuiboid_cup

      Shimaa SaberShimaa Saber20 kun oldin
  • Your vids

    rebec testorerebec testore22 kun oldin
  • Go to the junkyard near dirty and the exotic dub shotgun should be there

    Owyn CoffeyOwyn Coffey23 kun oldin
  • The new suppressed pistol

    KlipzKlipz23 kun oldin
  • I love the boom sniper but Idk why McCreamy hates it

    X2 Neer on IPadX2 Neer on IPad28 kun oldin
  • I LOVE this pistol

    Furious BearGamingFurious BearGaming28 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Me: uses code creamy in the item shop

    SARAH VELASARAH VELA29 kun oldin
  • Can we just appreciate that guys name

    CrispyCoconutCrispyCoconut29 kun oldin
  • pro tip:destroying a sofa might give you some gold bars

    Damjan KositerDamjan Kositer29 kun oldin
  • The sniper is not bad you are just not good with it

    Matthew LeonMatthew LeonOy oldin
  • The mcreamyalorian LOL 😂

    FishyboiYTFishyboiYTOy oldin
  • How did you see them people on the other side of the map.

    P&B Stick nodes projectsP&B Stick nodes projectsOy oldin
  • No it’s not It’s a bom

    Cal BostowCal BostowOy oldin
  • Youu

    madassfoemadassfoeOy oldin
  • Ak407

    Cee OhCee OhOy oldin
  • Super Rare more like super expensive

    Nazmi ChanNazmi ChanOy oldin
  • mccreamy saying mccramy me eating chicken with cream LOL

    Manjula BetkeruManjula BetkeruOy oldin
  • Nothing

    Kyler's AdventuresKyler's AdventuresOy oldin
  • Flying monkey 😂😂

    Carolin KrawietzCarolin KrawietzOy oldin
  • A win plz

    Riley CanadyRiley CanadyOy oldin
  • Me having 4000 gold 😜

    Fortnitegirl HaiFortnitegirl HaiOy oldin
  • When he said that was great that’s what shE SAID

    Sebastian Hilles MoyaSebastian Hilles MoyaOy oldin
  • Wooooooooow

    Teri KlingerTeri KlingerOy oldin
  • OMG OMOMG OMOy oldin
  • There is this glitch that you can become a sand mole on the road but you need the mandalorian sniper go down to read more When you are half way down use the shock move infront of a road then you can become a sand mole anywhere Pl make a vid

    Enderlolip USEnderlolip USOy oldin
  • McCree me the sniper is good you know why because whenever you shoot somebody a Quirk it does like a queen or it sticks or clear onto them so when you eat enough it explodes

    Laura PasnickiLaura PasnickiOy oldin
  • this thing is so bad i wasted my whole day on this shit

    SocceraSocceraOy oldin
  • Mcreamyalorian no THE MCCREAMALORIAN

    Sandra CallowaySandra CallowayOy oldin
  • Mandoeloen

    Ellis FrableEllis FrableOy oldin
  • Mcreamylorien

    Razor Edge YT Razor ClanRazor Edge YT Razor ClanOy oldin
  • I have 5000 gold and i dont know what to do with it

    That OneGuyThat OneGuyOy oldin
  • The lucky brazil consecutively squeal because bengal crucially tremble pro a null community. cheap, gray greasy great sneeze

    Marna KrumviedaMarna KrumviedaOy oldin
  • You kileed Me!!!!!!!

    Matas StMatas StOy oldin
  • ℋℴ𝓌 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝓈ℴℴ ℊℴℴ𝒹?

    Angel LirianoAngel LirianoOy oldin
  • i have 2417 gold

    penguin masterpenguin masterOy oldin
  • 4:46 I think mcreamy has aimbot...

    Connor PopeConnor PopeOy oldin
  • Just so you know the silencer pistol is consedered the best exotic then second is heavy only for duos and hire for extra teammates damage because it doing 10 damage is good think about it it's a flinged it does 10 damage to click on and does 80 to 100 damage plus blows up builds plus has really far range for a clinger I have to type all this because I think everybody hates it but your right it's not worth 1250 gold it should be 750

    Crystal JonesCrystal JonesOy oldin
  • The heavy sniper has multiple bullets

    Zae KillsZae KillsOy oldin
  • Ya yeet

    ICE610c 44ICE610c 44Oy oldin
  • Mccreamy land weeping woods every game and destroy furniture

    Byron TerryByron TerryOy oldin
    • U get 5 gold for each furniture

      Byron TerryByron TerryOy oldin
  • Those people creamy killed are confused because they died by a suppressed pistol lmao

    CrimzCrimzOy oldin
  • The heavy sniper is underrated.5 shot semi auto with explosive bullets

    ville kuustieville kuustieOy oldin
  • i think this is the first og that isnt a SWEATER no hevis having fun and shut like that and not these CRANKING AND CLICKBAITING SHUT you know.

    Lunidi KramerLunidi KramerOy oldin
  • I call it the jarvis pistol.

    irontigerirontigerOy oldin
  • Next vid buy all exotic weap and get a win with them

    Ηλίας ΓιαννακόπουλοςΗλίας ΓιαννακόπουλοςOy oldin
  • I saved up 5,000 gold and I got 3 of the guns and the pistol was my favorite

    Sage HajekSage HajekOy oldin
  • You were in my game when the long name came up

    Harlim LopezHarlim LopezOy oldin
  • mccreamy says he has everthing even tho he only have shield

    HockeyMom45HockeyMom45Oy oldin
  • That’s payday music

    Senza Is ThiccSenza Is ThiccOy oldin
  • mccreamy i play on kebordon mouse so im like you

    Jacob PerezJacob PerezOy oldin
  • I aint going to use your creator code cause you use the charge shotgun

    Auli RasilainenAuli RasilainenOy oldin
  • McCreamy you will like this it’s because I can say get rekt a million times

    Gamer boy 9997Gamer boy 9997Oy oldin
  • him not getting the scar me so u have choosen death

    deadopsARCADEdeadopsARCADEOy oldin
  • Me

    deadopsARCADEdeadopsARCADEOy oldin
  • I have 4000 gold from getting 5 solo wins in a row and I brock a lot of things that give me gold because I am good at building and ending

    Cody HefflingerCody HefflingerOy oldin
  • Did you ever kill someone with the gun or just the tac

    Kerri ReeceKerri ReeceOy oldin
  • I can buy 4 exotics

    JGFP OfficialJGFP OfficialOy oldin
  • 2:37 did anyone else notice his mats go 3,2,1 I just thought it was cool

    Dafffy dingoDafffy dingoOy oldin
  • The heavy sniper u just have to use it right like clingers

    Caden KimCaden KimOy oldin
  • now use the dub its a double barrel shotgun that has the effect of a flintlock and it has no shotgun delay double shotgun with it

    Jesenia MoralesJesenia MoralesOy oldin
  • anyone else on 12k gold?

    Ezz x 2kEzz x 2kOy oldin
  • McCreamy:Beams a guy while he falling yah thats fine McCreamy:Get beamed CoNtRolLeR pLaYeR

    Mr. MemeMr. MemeOy oldin
  • That sniper is OP if you know how to use it

    Damian CervantesDamian CervantesOy oldin
  • Get the exotic pistol from the sheriffs office

    Mike HussMike HussOy oldin
  • Meanwhile i have 10 k gold

    SHADOW gamingSHADOW gamingOy oldin
  • He said "hoe my god" 10:10

    onahje maatonahje maatOy oldin
  • Lol McCreamy liked his own comment! 😂😂

    Collin XDCollin XDOy oldin
  • Why does McCreamy do this to himself?!?!?!?

    Collin XDCollin XDOy oldin
  • Faze_Creamy?!?!?!?!

    faxe_ xquafaxe_ xquaOy oldin
  • I got a dub with the dub

    Kayden BullardKayden BullardOy oldin
  • You see that really long name? I had the same player in my game!😎😏

    RabidGachaAnimalRabidGachaAnimalOy oldin

    Juliana WieseJuliana WieseOy oldin
  • Nooooo where is XD Clan Nooooooo Bring it back

    Mattiasn102Mattiasn102Oy oldin
  • Exotic heavy sniper:LES TROLL McCreamy with 10 damage McCreamy:I hate the exotic heavy sniper

    Karam MashadaniKaram MashadaniOy oldin

    KazzorKazzorOy oldin
  • That prob matches the ace skin really good

    Hendrix DodgeHendrix DodgeOy oldin
  • this pistol will bring ceeday back

    suhsuhOy oldin
  • hi ian

    Bronny JamesBronny JamesOy oldin
  • It’s so funny how he said their bounty hunters and he ended up with only 4 kills

    Xavier ArroyoXavier ArroyoOy oldin
  • Anyone out here with 2500 gold

    Kdog GamingKdog GamingOy oldin
  • i feel like the exotics are trash for their worth

    IZRIZROy oldin
  • You should play with Fitz and zuckles again

    Michael McdermottMichael McdermottOy oldin
  • Literally suppressed pistol but upgraded

    Neon 5Neon 5Oy oldin
  • apparently the gun is like a suppresed pistol

    Aubrey acreeAubrey acreeOy oldin
  • Talk about perfect timing ⏱ can I play with somebody what you guys epic?

    icylegends_ Bossicylegends_ BossOy oldin