I KILLED GALACTUS!! (best event ever)

1-Dek, 2020
1 364 373 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • IM BACK!!!

    McCreamyMcCreamyOy oldin
    • Ok

      Garrin WrightGarrin Wright20 kun oldin
    • Yay

      Jakub JastrzabJakub JastrzabOy oldin
    • YAY

      Irma DuranIrma DuranOy oldin
    • (:

      FlamingXZFlamingXZOy oldin
    • Fortnite epic games evil

      James MayesJames MayesOy oldin
  • did u notice at 9:11 Travis scots world

    NOSINNOSIN16 soat oldin
  • Galactus is soooo hungriest

    Dogeman 1Dogeman 1Kun oldin
  • That’s what I said!!!!

    Noah WoolawayNoah WoolawayKun oldin
  • I saw myself on the event 😁😁😁

    Noah WoolawayNoah WoolawayKun oldin
  • whos watching in 2021 lol

    sir-cookie 549sir-cookie 549Kun oldin
  • The acceptable cheetah concurringly drip because postbox relatedly buzz a a swanky adapter. watery, flimsy lift

    Marshall DanielsMarshall Daniels2 kun oldin
  • I spotted the Travis Scott planet what it turns into dark spot The Travis Scott planet

    Adham AlhashimiAdham Alhashimi2 kun oldin
  • Grow grow the Travis Scott planet

    Adham AlhashimiAdham Alhashimi2 kun oldin
  • Yay

    Enoch AryeeEnoch Aryee3 kun oldin
  • When did Galactus learn rasengan?

    Cleon LupisCleon Lupis4 kun oldin
  • "Apparently liking this video right now will stop Galactus from destroying fortnite" *No, it really did tho*

    EtharEthar4 kun oldin
  • I missed this freakin turnament

    Fortnite PurlFortnite Purl4 kun oldin
  • What is he like 6 foot

    RoyalDogeRoyalDoge5 kun oldin
  • I saw Astro world

    Autumn KranickAutumn Kranick5 kun oldin
  • 3:34 tHe sLaP oF 20

    Ridwan AliRidwan Ali5 kun oldin
  • 1000’000p’00

    Keaton GalactusKeaton Galactus5 kun oldin
  • i hope he know that whe n they wer about to kill galactis in space astrworld was in the back

    Kuljit GakhalKuljit Gakhal6 kun oldin
  • F galactic he is dupid

    The real Tiko 2.0The real Tiko 2.06 kun oldin
  • Wow wow wow wow

    Manuel MadrigalManuel Madrigal7 kun oldin
  • Mc creamy is back let's gooooooooo

    Mack LabenskiMack Labenski7 kun oldin
  • Galactus: I hunger. Creamy: he hunggies,he hunggies

    Ibrahim Nassir MahomedIbrahim Nassir Mahomed7 kun oldin
  • I watched the event live I was like huh I have an purp skull trooper and it was you

    Omar TalebOmar Taleb7 kun oldin
  • He hungies

    VOIDS_ TRAXVOIDS_ TRAX7 kun oldin
  • It did work my friend

    VOIDS_ TRAXVOIDS_ TRAX7 kun oldin
  • Haha I like your intro

    Tymere FreemanTymere Freeman8 kun oldin
  • Galactus hands are bigger than the fortnite island

    Mark allen SabinoMark allen Sabino8 kun oldin
  • I feel like you freaked out to much

    Koh RenfredKoh Renfred8 kun oldin
  • Travis Scotts planet in his event 9:10

    Jonnie SINGHJonnie SINGH9 kun oldin
  • 3:33 I LIKE UR CUT G!

    Viper BrodieViper Brodie9 kun oldin
  • I killed galactus...just an event ): click bait

    ORexORex9 kun oldin
  • McCreamy:he’s getting closer Me:he’s getting bigger

    linlin wanglinlin wang9 kun oldin
  • Glactus I like you cut g slaps

    Gary BoydGary Boyd10 kun oldin
  • If I had captain America s sheld an Thor’s hammer I would just throw it at glactus he would go oof

    Gary BoydGary Boyd10 kun oldin
  • Astro world was in the event

    Rayne WhalenRayne Whalen10 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy: I don’t want to get copyright strike UZworld: just a couple hundred dollars won’t hurt come on give it

    Reyde Mac FNReyde Mac FN10 kun oldin
  • I like when you drive the battle bus

    egeali09egeali0910 kun oldin

    Fishy Nippie For LifeFishy Nippie For Life11 kun oldin
  • Nobody really cares that the zero point was in the event

    How to draw stuffHow to draw stuff11 kun oldin
  • 9:10 you can see astro world

    nabiha Shaikhnabiha Shaikh11 kun oldin
  • Did anyone see astra world 9:10 and pause

    Julian RodriguezJulian Rodriguez11 kun oldin
  • hii

    xander Stefanyanxander Stefanyan11 kun oldin
  • in the live event I saw the astronomy world

    faze_tyty_ 10faze_tyty_ 1012 kun oldin
  • I haven’t done the eventBut it looks so cool

    Jelica CakaricJelica Cakaric12 kun oldin
  • now if you are a true og gamer you will remember this, long night of solace search it up on youtube to find out ;)

    Marshmallow BoiMarshmallow Boi12 kun oldin
  • He slapped ur face

    Łukasz WolaninŁukasz Wolanin12 kun oldin
  • did any one else see astroworld

    Josh NixonJosh Nixon12 kun oldin
  • OMG I WAS IN HIS GAME (reaskn why i said this late was because i never saw this video ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    Alexa williamsAlexa williams12 kun oldin
    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Alexa williamsAlexa williams12 kun oldin
  • Well I still think marshmello was the best even (some honorable mentions) Travis Scott galactis and the volcano

    DKR BRANDODKR BRANDO13 kun oldin
  • I cried my eyes out when he started to rise XD

    Craig BialousCraig Bialous13 kun oldin
  • all we had to do to kill galactus was give him some bread

    fresh memesfresh memes13 kun oldin
  • Hi what would you like from McDonalds? 1,000,000,000 piece chicken nuggies please

    NobisumNobisum13 kun oldin
  • KILL!!!!!!

    Michele WarkMichele Wark13 kun oldin
  • 10:00 what

    Toaster boyToaster boy13 kun oldin
  • lol

    Eli FetzerEli Fetzer13 kun oldin
  • Creamy: omg planets where are wen Me:😑😑😑 space

    Shannon CosciaShannon Coscia13 kun oldin
  • MC Creamy is o sum

    Heather PrewittHeather Prewitt13 kun oldin
  • I was part of galactus event it was epic

    Syed Mohammed SiddiqSyed Mohammed Siddiq13 kun oldin
  • Don’t get why did iron man was are enemy now he’s are friend

    Yt ark LandonYt ark Landon14 kun oldin
  • it's the butter fly from the travis scott event

    tannise smithtannise smith14 kun oldin
  • Hes hungy give hime some nuggies

    Mark HeroldMark Herold14 kun oldin
  • My sister and i watched it on our PS4 and the controllers were pretty much earthquakes

    A Derp That Does StuffA Derp That Does Stuff14 kun oldin
  • 9:10 astro wrld

    void shadovoid shado14 kun oldin
  • 2:56

    void shadovoid shado14 kun oldin
    • 3:00

      void shadovoid shado14 kun oldin
  • Why does your fortnight character Twork

    Fanf fan 7305 HiFanf fan 7305 Hi14 kun oldin
  • 6:24 who else noticed the butterfly dimensions

    Sammy GreenSammy Green14 kun oldin
  • Yeet

    Chrissie KolbChrissie Kolb15 kun oldin
  • Oh wait wait wait wait wait wait I SAW ASTRO WORLD!! I SAW ASTRO WORLD!! OMG!!!

    Jakov KovacevicJakov Kovacevic15 kun oldin
  • I threw a tomato onto his head then he slapped me and the helicarrier

    VincentVincent15 kun oldin
  • Galactus is hungry for the zero point

    Getha KGetha K16 kun oldin
  • galactus playing in the nba xD


    Tracey MckeeTracey Mckee18 kun oldin
  • Every body: what are u hungry for me: galactose is hungry for planets he eats planets

    Suicide BoysSuicide Boys18 kun oldin
  • Imagine missing this event sad

    Sharon HuieSharon Huie19 kun oldin
  • Fortnite: is having an insane event Fortnite players: BRUH MY SENSITIVITY IS SO LOWWWWWWWWWWW

    KWGamerKWGamer20 kun oldin
  • We need Kevin the cube to help us

    Gamer BoiiGamer Boii20 kun oldin
  • ya ya ya every one saved fortnite McCreamy

    Diran RashoDiran Rasho21 kun oldin
  • Galactus is THICC

    Devonelevon 2911Devonelevon 291122 kun oldin
  • What if everyone fell out and it said victory royal

    Jake DoloughtyJake Doloughty23 kun oldin
  • I no

    Samantha CicaleSamantha Cicale23 kun oldin
  • OMG the aron man is sounds like spider man

    Deathrun Portable YTDeathrun Portable YT23 kun oldin
  • Loved it I was standing next to you at one point 😀

    Sam AdamsSam Adams23 kun oldin
  • Its a Starwars becouse SEASON 5 IS STARWARS

    Janine CantJanine Cant24 kun oldin
  • Yo creamy he’s hungeis for your ice cream

    VOIDS_ TRAXVOIDS_ TRAX24 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Stefan PetterssonStefan Pettersson24 kun oldin
  • People say Trav scott best event For me its The Devourer Of Worlds Event Comment down ur fav

    SuperMasillaGamerSuperMasillaGamer25 kun oldin
  • Sorry for the self promotion but I think I’m worth checking out, I make content like fe4rless and mccreamy

    JOBUJOBU25 kun oldin
  • I wanna say somethin nothing is impossible

    Fishy WishyFishy Wishy25 kun oldin
  • Aww man I couldn’t do this event

    Roddur's Amazing LifeRoddur's Amazing Life26 kun oldin
  • I watched it and in the endgame TONY STARK DIED last YEAR so how is he there??

    gingygingy26 kun oldin
  • Galactis!!!

    Ahmad BachirAhmad Bachir27 kun oldin
  • I love this game and video

    Hamed HomoudHamed Homoud27 kun oldin
  • What

    Jace HuntJace Hunt27 kun oldin
  • You didn't kill Galactus you only sent him back to where he first was I thinck

    Spider TuberSpider Tuber27 kun oldin
  • I mean if you really think about it this is all the mecha team leaders fault if he did not activate the zero point then the seven would not have have to shoot the meteor into the zero point

    TheAtominator21TheAtominator2128 kun oldin
  • Buddy u got the the wrong potato chip “ oh “ ( event ends )

    Playz ClanPlayz Clan28 kun oldin
  • Dumb

    Zane DayemZane Dayem29 kun oldin
  • when u looked away from galactus in space did u not see the astronomical world because i paused it at a random time and i saw it

    Mayson PrpaMayson Prpa29 kun oldin
  • I kinda miss season 4

    Hayes' Fun HouseHayes' Fun House29 kun oldin
  • in space you look in right you see astro world and in final in right you see thor and she hulk

    miniシminiシOy oldin
    • on the bus

      miniシminiシOy oldin