i found the MYTHIC CHEST!

11-Noy, 2020
2 278 541 Ko‘rishlar soni

omg!! i can't believe it!!!!
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  • like if you are an EPIC GAMER!!! 😎👍

    McCreamyMcCreamy2 oy oldin
    • because he posted the pinned comment before but then he posted the VIDEO maybe??????

      Alyssa MaloneAlyssa Malone2 kun oldin
    • Hi

      Jesus Ortega MurrietaJesus Ortega Murrieta4 kun oldin
    • Me

      Lil DreamLil Dream11 kun oldin
    • I am tweaks little brother

    • I may be joining your clan

      Shayne BakerShayne BakerOy oldin
  • who else saw at 7:42 the first landing achievment

    Nolan HeimarkNolan Heimark5 soat oldin
  • Love your vids, keepum coming =)

    OOFOOFKun oldin
  • Tritufisaigsatic

    Aoife LawlerAoife LawlerKun oldin
  • mi

    Albert Andrei NitaAlbert Andrei Nita2 kun oldin
  • You should do the mythic pickaxe

    Marshall MartinMarshall Martin3 kun oldin
  • You are good at this game

    Christina WasneskyChristina Wasnesky4 kun oldin
  • i wish i could play fortnite right now, but instead i watch your vids ahah

    PeterPeter5 kun oldin
  • bruh if mccreamy got a skin

    PeterPeter5 kun oldin
  • - IS THAT MONGRAAL! -yes it is (all smoooooooth 😂)

    Félix MontesanoFélix Montesano6 kun oldin
  • I won like 20 times.

    Kadein ReinsmithKadein Reinsmith6 kun oldin
  • If your so confident how about you do the same challange i solos

    Random ClipsRandom Clips7 kun oldin
  • what the title should actually be the one chest only challenege

    Dallas BaxterDallas Baxter7 kun oldin
  • i am an epic gamer i have 1,000 kills

    Cat LeeCat Lee7 kun oldin
  • Like if mcremy is the best youtuber

    Thomas NicholasThomas Nicholas8 kun oldin
  • Liverpool vs Man United

    thiago reisthiago reis9 kun oldin
  • Creamy u should do the mythic mandolorian

    Dazza_gamesDazza_games9 kun oldin
  • The days you could go to weeping woods without being nailed in the face by io guards

    Elliot ClarkeElliot Clarke10 kun oldin
  • I found one on my 62 game in a duo

    AC_Milan11 PlayzAC_Milan11 Playz11 kun oldin
  • mythic emote

    charles rowlandcharles rowland11 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy please can I have a hundred pounds pls I’m homeless

    Lit blitZLit blitZ13 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy

    Lit blitZLit blitZ13 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or when McCreamy pulls out his pickaxe it makes a nice noise

    Panda pancakesPanda pancakes14 kun oldin

    Lau Theodor Svejgaard Jochimsen 5. klLau Theodor Svejgaard Jochimsen 5. kl14 kun oldin
  • 8:03 the ninja was me i was sweating so hard but tweaks killed me btw does anyone want to play with me?

    Kutuku's channelKutuku's channel15 kun oldin
  • ‘That was not my aim at all ‘ what u trying to say u have aimbot ... nah I’m kidding ,good video!!

    Chanel EkaChanel Eka15 kun oldin
  • One of my teeth fell out while watching this lol it was a baby tooth thank god

    Device DudeDevice Dude15 kun oldin
  • Justin Thomas

    Kelly McDonaldKelly McDonald15 kun oldin
  • you hit him for 77

    Jose MontesJose Montes16 kun oldin
  • So the mythic

    Finn HortonFinn Horton17 kun oldin
  • So basically the gold spaz was not a mythic chest but the blue aug and blue pump were?

    Hamza SherifHamza Sherif18 kun oldin
  • mithk snayper

    kazikp68kazikp6818 kun oldin
  • i liked but im not an epic gamer

    Lacey HuffmanLacey Huffman20 kun oldin
  • 69 damage Nice

    High Jerry on CocaineHigh Jerry on Cocaine20 kun oldin
  • Do the mythic floor loot challenge

    Umbreon SwitchUmbreon Switch21 kun oldin
  • We need to get this man to 10 million

    Iraia HemaraIraia Hemara21 kun oldin
  • 4:14 so he was streaming

    Farhod RasulovFarhod Rasulov22 kun oldin
  • Rip the pump

    RobertgaminzYT.RobertgaminzYT.23 kun oldin
  • 9:52, Creamy MACRO'S!?

    Loucas FransenLoucas Fransen23 kun oldin
  • How about try to when the game with only a gray pistol

    Sherry BedellSherry Bedell24 kun oldin
  • he didnt pick up the purple pump

    XxsweatyikonikxXXxsweatyikonikxX24 kun oldin
  • Mythic pickaxe

    Braylon StravoskiBraylon Stravoski24 kun oldin
  • Ok

    Robert HelmanRobert Helman24 kun oldin
  • Yes you are so good at seeing mamas I want to be an epic gamer and sub to McNealy

    stephen smithstephen smith25 kun oldin
  • I'm tweaks little brother

  • Me hearing the Stark industries rifle: 😢 i miss Stark industries rifle

    pofloferpoflofer26 kun oldin
  • you should do the mythic landmark where you drop as soon as you can and can only loot that 1st area

    Ethan KoEthan Ko26 kun oldin
    • Example is if the very 1st drop is steamy stacks then you can only loot steamy stacks

      Ethan KoEthan Ko26 kun oldin
  • Creamy said Pog

    dreamwastaken fandreamwastaken fan26 kun oldin
  • in every vid tweaks is always playing with mccreamy

    Henry RomeroHenry Romero29 kun oldin
  • McCreamy killing voice : tatatatat

    raphaelscodellaroraphaelscodellaroOy oldin
  • gold guns only

    Vicki LeatherVicki LeatherOy oldin
  • I once got a gold tactical from a normal chest

    James MontgomeryJames MontgomeryOy oldin
  • how can you hear a epic chest

    David WallaceDavid WallaceOy oldin
  • I found it so many times

    RBXViper YTRBXViper YTOy oldin
  • Yoooooi

    Kayden BrownKayden BrownOy oldin
  • I have suffered heartbreak 😭 and the next mythic should be the mythic picaxe

  • Is it only me but when he passes so many legendarys does it annoy you. Love your vids!

    Molly WallaceMolly WallaceOy oldin
  • I liked and subed

    Marshall Realty Reno/Sparks #1 Real Estate TeamMarshall Realty Reno/Sparks #1 Real Estate TeamOy oldin
  • I found the mythic chats at hunter haven

    Richard PattersonRichard PattersonOy oldin
  • Q

    MURTAMURTAOy oldin
  • Creamy: this game is so sweaty. Also creamy: sweating and never getting knocked

    Yea Itz PapercutYea Itz PapercutOy oldin
    • I killed him at 6:00

      envyfishyenvyfishy4 kun oldin
  • I miss stark ind

    Emma PomellsEmma PomellsOy oldin
  • The way you know it’s mythic is because it says “the” not “A”

    Jostin LanzaJostin LanzaOy oldin
  • Nn.

    Oscar GrausOscar GrausOy oldin
  • You should do mythics only

    Herb FoxHerb FoxOy oldin
  • I WAS THAT PEELY SKIN... I think 🤔

    Jonsy The DeafaultJonsy The DeafaultOy oldin
  • you miss the spaz

    Robert Lorenzo RuizRobert Lorenzo RuizOy oldin
  • If you are doing the one chest challenge than can't you only use that amo😒

    Ethan HayeEthan HayeOy oldin
  • Who else misses the burst aussult rifle. My favorite gun in fortnite

    Jessica TrakasJessica TrakasOy oldin
  • Now i know wwho killed me bavk then whem he came rushing in my house

    Jaka MozinaJaka MozinaOy oldin
  • Creamy your awesome

    John DalbyJohn DalbyOy oldin
  • I love you

    Nathan MorseNathan MorseOy oldin
  • McCreamy: Look at my bloom it sucks Me: Wow look at that aim

    Gaming KnightGaming KnightOy oldin
  • You should stay in coral castle the whole game with no weapons just heels and try to win

    Krista GaleKrista GaleOy oldin
  • The rarity of your skin is the rarity of your gund

    EDWIN hendersonEDWIN hendersonOy oldin
  • Who else is missing the pumps on chapter 2 season 5

    Mason HowardMason HowardOy oldin
  • was this basically the one chest challenge?

    Joseph Cox Year 8Joseph Cox Year 8Oy oldin
  • Good cranking mate

    call of duty fgteevcall of duty fgteevOy oldin
  • my favorite part of these videos is the intro because it shows clips about the video its like a trailer of a movie sounds stupid but thats how i think of it

    Xxtox eck PotatoXxtox eck PotatoOy oldin

    Jjjgtt qJjjgtt qOy oldin
  • ,

    Bradley RayBradley RayOy oldin
  • kill buga

    Modar HamiehModar HamiehOy oldin
  • Tweaks is not face sway but face spray

    Kris PeetersKris PeetersOy oldin
  • The gas can was SMOOT tho

    Ayala KaylinAyala KaylinOy oldin
  • Find 5he mythic gu n creamy creamy

    Stacey YoungerStacey YoungerOy oldin
  • 5:08 yes

    xo Jcshxo JcshOy oldin
  • xd clap clap clap clap clap xd clap clap clap clap clap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aiden SawyerAiden SawyerOy oldin
  • I have fond god chests 198 times I know a good place for you to go and get a god chest

    dextersdynamic channeldextersdynamic channelOy oldin
  • its clickbait

    vlady pipavlady pipaOy oldin
  • Do the 1 mythic gun only

    Joshua RowsonJoshua RowsonOy oldin
  • just using a golden pump

    Shannon TeasdaleShannon TeasdaleOy oldin
  • mythic weapon challenge for fortnite skins

    Shannon TeasdaleShannon TeasdaleOy oldin
  • the mythic house

    Guadalupe Cardenas CruzGuadalupe Cardenas CruzOy oldin
  • Try get all mythic weapons in the game in season 5

    Max GrimstonMax GrimstonOy oldin
  • For all watich when its season 5

    Cori GrupinskiCori GrupinskiOy oldin
  • me: i hate fortnite tik toks my friend: we are not friends any more

    Finnegan GlascottFinnegan GlascottOy oldin
  • pfffffffffffffft there is acually a almost garanted mythic chest spawn thaats has dropped a legendary sniper everytime i gone there. it one of the poi's near coral casstle

    Connor Latham GraysonConnor Latham GraysonOy oldin
  • I have found luke 3 mythic chest hehe😅

    pdub20nutzpdub20nutzOy oldin
  • Did you say a gold pump MIGHT be the best weapon in the game!?!?!?

    Olivia JachymOlivia JachymOy oldin
  • I am

    Austin CrandallAustin CrandallOy oldin