fortnite made me an NPC!

14-Dek, 2020
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this video is VERY EPIC!!!!!
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  • Roses are red Violets are blue Creamy finds a lamma With no clue

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  • 6:59 alternate text: tweaks, u like my meat?

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  • Oh gosh I don’t want him stealing all my Vbucks

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  • Hey Mr. Macri you missed the third llama

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  • Fortnights kind of dying it was always fine until we started trying πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Love that song

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  • I love you

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  • Oh so you read comments If you dont heart this you dont read all of your comments

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  • sorry mcreamy but menace didnt work he was reloading his ar sorry :)

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  • mccreamy you the lama king

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  • Why don't you play with mau anymore

  • Quest : **pickaxe an idiot head** Me: *”please stay away”*

    Julie PeggieJulie Peggie6 kun oldin
  • This would be the McCreamy NPC: Kill him or Use 400 gold= Mythic Hunting rifle, if you do a bounty he will Trick shot the bounty and you can use 200 gold for one llama located on the map or 500 gold for two locations shot-on llamas on the map Like if you think this is good comment edits for it

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  • Video idea creamy sus af

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  • I'm a big fan of mcCreamy

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  • did anyone see the third llama

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  • I love your vid’s room

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  • What

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  • When he said chillax my buta he said chillax my bitch

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  • Just a random question. Shouldn't the title be "a NPC" and not "an NPC" bcuz "an" is supposed to go before words that start with vowels? Or is it based on sound too?

    Little ShotBros GamingLittle ShotBros Gaming11 kun oldin
  • Ok go ahead I don't have fortnight lol

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  • 2:45 fishing rod explosion

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  • Why is your name called mcCreamy when you don’t even put on the creamy skin like the ice cream one

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  • Now you just turning fortnight into amuongs us doing task

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  • Best

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  • I like. The vid your the best and your so funny

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  • McCreamy PLEASE add me I always like all your videos and I been subscribed for Ever my username is Glitch3rror

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  • 1:00 Is or just me or does that sound like the iOS purchase successful noise

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    • Yes it is

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  • Lol I saw u in game and I was so weirded out

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  • Hi Creamy you are my favourite UZworldr and I use code Creamy in The item shop and I subbed can you please give my a shoutout From SaltyRangerYT

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  • Random question is it just me that has got a common pistol in a llama

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  • Hi creamy your a beter nice then evrey one so like just join games and be come a mph spike

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  • He should be the one making the quest

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  • Isn’t he supposed to be in tweaks side

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  • Is mcreamy the best fortnite player in the world

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  • Why u say impulses when THERE SHOCKWAVES

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    • Why you say there when ITS THEY'RE

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  • Video title: doing what tweaks says for a whole video

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  • Im sorry to break it to ya mcreamy but i just killed you in fortnite

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  • My names Kyle and the first NPC he changed into is me 😲

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