epic ways to win fortnite season 5

21-Dek, 2020
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this video will blow your mind!!!
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    • Thank I watched this while playing fortnite and dropped 24 kills and got the dub

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    • @Bee Gamer how

      Ali HojeijAli Hojeij19 kun oldin
    • Thanks i Got 1 milion v buks

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    • already did lol

      AstroNovaaAstroNovaa21 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy think hes mongrall

    Bailey RansomBailey Ransom4 soat oldin
  • My epic win was when I was meant to Break there box but when I pickaxes the box I pickaxes him and won

    christinag76522christinag7652212 soat oldin
  • at 6:38 how did he roll over

  • Oi mccreamy I am a huge fan can you send me v bucks I am a default my tag is GreyDracoKing

    Henry WindHenry Wind2 kun oldin
  • You are best fortnite player

    Mardi BarbourMardi Barbour5 kun oldin
  • Can u add me on epic

    Mburu MunanoMburu Munano5 kun oldin

    Blend ZeqiriBlend Zeqiri6 kun oldin
  • Where is the best place to land in fortnite

    Hayley GeeHayley Gee6 kun oldin
  • I got a win with only smgs

    Udyam GuptaUdyam Gupta6 kun oldin
  • WHERE IS MY 1000000 VIBUKS!!!!!!!!

    ares koppelares koppel7 kun oldin
  • mcreamys edits are soo fast my computer goes from 2k to 144p

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  • 1:02 it’s like mongrall but MCCREAMY

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  • I got 1000000 vbucks

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  • 1M vbucks am I dreaming?

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  • What happened to mau

    Chase TheMasterChase TheMaster17 kun oldin
  • every five year old LiKe tHE vIdEo qUiCk

    Derp On YoutubeDerp On Youtube17 kun oldin
  • Why do you not play with mau

    joshy 768joshy 76818 kun oldin
  • Why they get in bog lobbies but I get the most try hard people in the game

    Ethan HuntEthan Hunt18 kun oldin
  • Hey

    SolMaxiZSolMaxiZ18 kun oldin
  • I won with a quick scope of the mandalorian sniper, it was like very Epic

    FinnepinFinnepin18 kun oldin
  • U forgot tack ar

    JodieJodie20 kun oldin
  • creamy your THE best youtuber IN THE WoRlD

    Levi BethuneLevi Bethune20 kun oldin
  • epic video

    AstroNovaaAstroNovaa21 kun oldin
  • You did not use suppressed smg

    Waleed LardhiWaleed Lardhi21 kun oldin
  • Creamy missed a kill with a lever action rifle and ak

    Just your average personJust your average person21 kun oldin
  • Can u do a LIVE by any chance because my Xbox I can't use it cause my sister has the virus and I can't play on my iPad cause it doesn't work:(

    Avery ZunigaAvery Zuniga21 kun oldin
  • not like he reads comments anyway

    EpicEvan74EpicEvan7422 kun oldin
  • 1:02 creamy became mongraal

    Steve VoloidakisSteve Voloidakis22 kun oldin
  • I like and subscribe.😎

    leen abdulrahmanleen abdulrahman22 kun oldin
  • my best win was a 15 kill solo

    amber robinsonamber robinson22 kun oldin
  • lets be real mcreamy is the best fortnite sniper and player

    JamesshkJamesshk22 kun oldin
  • hi this is my friend MCcreamy and he is CRACKED at fortnite my guy

    jedi on ps4jedi on ps422 kun oldin
  • Bro plis show your settings i stuck with. Krupp

    gabi meshugabigabi meshugabi22 kun oldin
  • 1:59 wtf

    gabi meshugabigabi meshugabi22 kun oldin
  • Can we just take a moment to think about how good mcreamy is at this game

    Joseph#PlayzJoseph#Playz22 kun oldin
  • Lmao I am watching on my Amazon echo show 💀🗣

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  • “I’ll be pairing up with lochlan...” plays with tweaks

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    • Lachlan*

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  • Where is my million v bucks?

    Jessica WallaceJessica Wallace22 kun oldin
  • Why didn’t the vbucks come to me?

    Monty FrostMonty Frost22 kun oldin
  • Try to win with only heals

    1d _yt1d _yt22 kun oldin
  • He forgot the lever action rifle

    Ashtrays are pretty coolAshtrays are pretty cool23 kun oldin
  • Your the best youtuber

    Peter McaniffPeter Mcaniff23 kun oldin
  • I saw "Tilted" and got horrific flashbacks

    Chicken Nugget WarriorChicken Nugget Warrior23 kun oldin
  • Dude, slow down your voice. My brains deflating m8 :O

    Shinori x2Shinori x223 kun oldin
  • My best win was 10 kill in chapter 2 season 1 (solo)(I'm trash and I have no skin)(I am subbed)

    Ostin Games27Ostin Games2723 kun oldin
  • Wow there is 69K likes now, no one have to like, so we stay the 69K likes😂🤣

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  • 69,420

    Potato ZachPotato Zach23 kun oldin
  • Please reply you are my favorably youtuber

    James JacksonJames Jackson23 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy I get 20 kills solo squading

    Christopher EganChristopher Egan23 kun oldin

    Owens Amazing stuffOwens Amazing stuff23 kun oldin
  • The best best UZworldr

    Emily BrownEmily Brown23 kun oldin
  • I didnt get 1M vbucks Jk I know its just something which make people do it, I'm not 5 yrs old

  • 69k likes yaaaaaaaay

    JeffitsjeffemanJeffitsjeffeman23 kun oldin
  • I have no vbucks so suck it mcreamy

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  • The kids who say that they didn't get their v bucks😭😭😭

    Oscar TaylorOscar Taylor23 kun oldin
  • Who's here at 666k views and 69k like

    Honey SmithHoney Smith23 kun oldin
  • It’s me Caine

    Five nights at Freddy’s plush CaineFive nights at Freddy’s plush Caine23 kun oldin
  • I liked your vid but I did not get 1 000 000 vbuck :(

    DoesDogieDoesDogie23 kun oldin
  • He hates the sniper rifle and loves dragon shotgun

    Saad NaifSaad Naif23 kun oldin
  • When he remembers he forgot the suppressed SMG

    James LewisJames Lewis23 kun oldin
  • my best win was staying in the sand.

    mrsmith 000mrsmith 00023 kun oldin
  • It didn’t work I don’t have 1000000 v bux lol

    noahoftheark 09noahoftheark 0923 kun oldin
  • I did because your the best UZworldr in the world

    George PUERTAS-KRUSEGeorge PUERTAS-KRUSE23 kun oldin
  • Yo

    Jessica DunlopJessica Dunlop23 kun oldin
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    far amenfar amen23 kun oldin
  • You should be in faze

    Ice KingIce King23 kun oldin
  • i did not even get a win this season :(

    GeethuManamGeethuManam23 kun oldin
  • He did the mongrale thing

    ShemShem23 kun oldin
  • My best win was when the last guy knocked me down and I no-scoped him mid air

    Braydon GuessBraydon Guess23 kun oldin
  • Tapped into the inner mongraal at the beginnings

    Cruz JasonCruz Jason23 kun oldin
  • Where’s mau?

    Young Gezzey RedYoung Gezzey Red23 kun oldin
  • Thumbnail: made me main rockets Me to rockets: your the last one complete the mission Edit: fu** you rockets

    MiDnIGht NighTMArEMiDnIGht NighTMArE23 kun oldin
  • Why are you so chill and sweaty with Lachlan but with tweaks ur the memer

    ZynxT20ZynxT2023 kun oldin
  • Wow! That's a first! Lachlan & _McCreamy?_ :O

    Devante StewartDevante Stewart23 kun oldin
  • 0:01 Don't, don't give me hope...

    Pavan RajPavan Raj23 kun oldin
  • you are best player in the worlds!!!

    Matin AramMatin Aram23 kun oldin
  • Y did he stop playing with mau

    Kawartha _sledriderKawartha _sledrider23 kun oldin
  • my best win was when I used pikace only ignore the spelling

    Jonny RubinJonny Rubin23 kun oldin
  • The defeated fedelini nouzilly spray because verse conventionally sip aside a zippy ox. vigorous, busy overcoat

    far amenfar amen23 kun oldin
  • did anyone else know that mcreamy's real name is Jay?

    Mr. MeMr. Me23 kun oldin
  • I got very VERY heavy anxiety when there was a blue tac, and kept the grey one 😨

    Pluffy GPluffy G23 kun oldin
  • Mc creamy: getting a normal victory royal is very boring Me: can't get a single normal win

    Ibrahim AamirIbrahim Aamir23 kun oldin
  • He did not use tactical AR

    bolous shehatabolous shehata23 kun oldin
  • Tweaks is really good and I think he’s an amazing UZworldr/streamer and I think he deserves a lot more than 141k subs I think he deserves millions

    lilyinnitlilyinnit23 kun oldin
  • You overbuild

    HTB WiredHTB Wired23 kun oldin
  • You overbuild for no reason

    HTB WiredHTB Wired23 kun oldin
  • Me realizing I need to actually be good

    Cheese_GamingCheese_Gaming23 kun oldin
  • I actually got 1 mil V bucks 😂😂😂 thanks Creamy

    Bouncy_AlBouncy_Al23 kun oldin
  • My fortnite name is oldish_zigzag

    simonkica666simonkica66623 kun oldin
  • My name is oldish zigzag

    simonkica666simonkica66623 kun oldin
  • Can I have 10000 v-bucks

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  • I want v-bucks

    simonkica666simonkica66623 kun oldin
  • Hey where is my v-bucks:(

    Trick time Scooter brosTrick time Scooter bros23 kun oldin
  • I won by using the Sneaky Snowman... ...In the desert... ...In the “Catch!” game mode... ...I pickaxed the last guy...

    FazeAwesome 6103FazeAwesome 610323 kun oldin
  • Forgot tac ar

    Joey SalernoJoey Salerno23 kun oldin
  • this season i killed kit and it was so funny when he died hahahahahhaha :)

    Kyle ProductionsKyle Productions23 kun oldin
  • Not the Exotic so you didn't get an elimination with every weapon type

    Chaim LubotskyChaim Lubotsky23 kun oldin
  • ddawg-ddawg1

    ron kingron king23 kun oldin
  • I want u to know that I’m literally just clicking all ur vids and not watching the and likening just to support u I GOTTCHU HOMIE

    Gabriel AndersonGabriel Anderson23 kun oldin