10-Dek, 2020
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this video is epic!!!!!
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  • this video is fire 🔥

    McCreamyMcCreamyOy oldin
    • Frozen if u saw this

      Mario 3DMario 3D24 kun oldin
    • Use the exotic sniper as well

      TAK AccountsTAK AccountsOy oldin
    • Yup it is

      Armando BarreraArmando BarreraOy oldin
    • Nuse

      XTRM JaXXTRM JaXOy oldin
    • Why is your comment always earlier than the video?

      Keanne IsaacKeanne IsaacOy oldin
  • "frozen"

    OverLook PotatoOverLook PotatoKun oldin
  • Frozen

    Jason BrozekJason Brozek2 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    pilou buch 11pilou buch 112 kun oldin
  • 0:02 *......it oddly works*

    r̴h̴y̴l̴x̴n̴d̴υωυr̴h̴y̴l̴x̴n̴d̴υωυ3 kun oldin
  • Frozen?

    Marcela TabaresMarcela Tabares4 kun oldin
  • I made my own army called the skull army join us

    Alan BridgerAlan Bridger4 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Jamie HeaneyJamie Heaney6 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Gaming ChannelGaming Channel8 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    The Side WaveThe Side Wave8 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Dz LouiseDz Louise10 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Theo ShyneTheo Shyne10 kun oldin
  • Frozen Lol

    Hannah YoungHannah Young11 kun oldin
  • FROZEN!!!!!

    Ryan Vander HyeRyan Vander Hye13 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Frankie EllyFrankie Elly13 kun oldin
  • Frozen

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  • frozen

  • Frozen

    OOFツNikiツOOFツNikiツ15 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Amber SchreiberAmber Schreiber15 kun oldin
  • The screen was "frozen" for a second

    Marc DeerMarc Deer15 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Reddbool 647Reddbool 64715 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Wx922Wx92215 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    EaSt Dragons brotherEaSt Dragons brother15 kun oldin
  • Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment Current:5

    Dub_ ExplosionDub_ Explosion17 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    implorejordo ytimplorejordo yt18 kun oldin
  • Good thing that your fire didn't get FROZEN

    Dj Dragon2500Dj Dragon250019 kun oldin
  • Bruh he had shields and this r water and chug splashes take out fire

    Cryptic GamerCryptic Gamer19 kun oldin
  • That’s not a fire skull trooper. It’s ghost rider

    Cobman1000Cobman100019 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Diamond Jord 09Diamond Jord 0919 kun oldin
  • Froze

    Sarah Beatty BullerSarah Beatty Buller20 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Yhhr0Yhhr020 kun oldin
  • Frozen lol

    Adriham H. CAdriham H. C20 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Ethan KatzEthan Katz20 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Mark CARTERMark CARTER20 kun oldin
  • Fire Lord McCreamy

  • frozen

    Brennen LandinghamBrennen Landingham21 kun oldin
  • Fozen;)

    RoastyRoasty21 kun oldin
  • “frozen “ screens are the worst

    desi whitmoredesi whitmore22 kun oldin
  • U make the dragon shotgun look good

    Ryan HannahRyan Hannah22 kun oldin

    Toast!Toast!22 kun oldin
  • frozen let it go let it gooo

    Harley BoltonHarley Bolton23 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Amy Miller-ShawAmy Miller-Shaw23 kun oldin
  • freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

    sharon snowdensharon snowden23 kun oldin
  • frozen

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  • Froven

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  • Frozen

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  • frozen

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  • Froze

    Santiago AcevedoSantiago Acevedo24 kun oldin
  • 'frozen

    Keith BreaultKeith Breault24 kun oldin

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  • Mate I experienced the frozen words

    sloth boysloth boy24 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Nathan SorichettiNathan Sorichetti24 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Owen HovingOwen Hoving26 kun oldin
  • Frozen I saw it

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  • Frozen game lol

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  • frozen

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  • 🥶

    Just A dAy with AJust A dAy with A27 kun oldin
  • Frozen

    Just A dAy with AJust A dAy with A27 kun oldin
  • frozen

    Trevor SeabrookTrevor Seabrook28 kun oldin
  • 3:18 I am your son and I must restore my honour

    Mr Aidan PMr Aidan P28 kun oldin
  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • frozen

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  • Forzen

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • did u even notice that u r in water??? 4:26

    skultlessskultlessOy oldin
  • Frozen

    BoatingCorn 4569BoatingCorn 4569Oy oldin
  • 6:47 did he just walked in mid-air...?

    Robin LifeRobin LifeOy oldin
  • Frozen B)

    Robin LifeRobin LifeOy oldin
  • 27:0 ouch!

    M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin
    • 0:27

      M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin

    Lilly FischerLilly FischerOy oldin
  • purple skulltroopers face at 9:53 lol

    itz_jazzitz_jazzOy oldin

    Adeela shahAdeela shahOy oldin
  • Do not eat floppers

    KyRin PrestonKyRin PrestonOy oldin
  • Frozer

    Riley EliRiley EliOy oldin
  • 1:00

    M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin
    • 0:01

      M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin
    • I didn't know you can do this hmmm interesting.

      M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin
    • Just a test

      M MirelesM MirelesOy oldin
  • Frozen

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  • Frozen🥶

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  • Frozen

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  • Freeze

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  • I got told to comment ‘freeze

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  • frozen oh and noise vids

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • Frozen

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  • Froze

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  • Frozen

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  • McCreamy: I can’t go in water Also McCreamy: *swims across a lake*

    Skull rider135Skull rider135Oy oldin
  • Frozen f

    Carlos BardalesCarlos BardalesOy oldin
  • To save you all time just like this comment if you saw the word “FROZEN”

    Christian DowdChristian DowdOy oldin
  • Frozen

    GamingwithAhmariGamingwithAhmariOy oldin
  • Mecremy:oh I can't go in the wanter. 2minutes later oh I want to go in the water now. Make no sense 😁😂

    The Cute KidThe Cute KidOy oldin
  • Imagin if some one “Frozen” came

    Grayson PeckGrayson PeckOy oldin