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this is VERY EPIC!!!!!
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  • Ali a be like: but but there is no diplodoclas

    Humna RafiqHumna Rafiq3 kun oldin
  • Dino dog🍦🍦🍦

    Shadows YTShadows YT4 kun oldin
  • 6:09 mxreamy scopes in on a player and forgets about him lol

    Jack LutzJack Lutz8 kun oldin
  • You are a hrvavl

    john mackillopjohn mackillop9 kun oldin

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    FreshSnowyyFreshSnowyy14 kun oldin
  • If dinosaurs come in fortnite I'm gonna explode . I'm a big fan of Jurassic park

    Florian KennertFlorian Kennert15 kun oldin
  • Then there’s eudimorphodon, dimorphodon,scaphognathus,alanqua,zhejiangopterus,Eolambia, aerotitan, kentrosaurus, tuojiangosaurus, microposaurus, ostafrikasaurus, ankylosaurus, diplodocus, brachiosaurus, apatosaurus, euoplocephalus, carcharodontosaurus, lambeosaurus, giganotosaurus, argentinosaurus, dimetrodon, velociraptor, saichania, compsognathus, tropeognathus, alamosaurus, gigantoraptor, yutyrannus, metriacanthosaurus, segnosaurus, erlikosaurus, dilophosaurus, nasutoceratops, monolophosaurus, tapejara, postosuchus, psittacosaurus, coelophicys,arqueopteryx, chasmosaurus, sinoceratops, einosaurus,bonitasaura,parasaurolophus, unaysaurus, limnocelis, diplocaulus, ramperynchus, triceratops, melanosaurus, piatnitzkisaurus, herrerasaurus, coloborrynchus, tyrannotitan, supersaurus,

  • Wow he has now choppa, cardi b, and Kodak black all in one intro lol

    Wilbur JuiceWilbur Juice18 kun oldin
  • Dino dog

    sweaty coppersweaty copper18 kun oldin
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  • 6:06 more like 65 million years

    Bullseye 1334Bullseye 133422 kun oldin
  • Disappointed he didn’t do rawr 😑

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  • right here is my favourout youtuber mccreamy

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  • ‘Dino Dog’ 😂

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  • Dinodog

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  • Dino dog Saw it

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  • It WAS DINO LOOT ONLY no blue tac you found of the floor

    Jack -__-Jack -__-26 kun oldin
  • Dino dog lol

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  • dino dog

    LufiiLufii28 kun oldin
  • McCremy calls pterodactyl dinosaur Nobody: No one at all: Nobody ever: Me:”nerd mode activated... uhh McCreamy pterodactyls aren’t dinosaurs they’re flying lizards

    Porter HymusPorter Hymus29 kun oldin
  • Why not turn on visual sound effects for your sence of smell

    Karolina ManvelyanKarolina Manvelyan29 kun oldin
  • Secret predator is the secret skin

    Karolina ManvelyanKarolina Manvelyan29 kun oldin
  • I like how he said only looting from that place and then he takes the blue tac😂

    Now that’s what I call A BRUH MOMENT EHEHEHEHNow that’s what I call A BRUH MOMENT EHEHEHEHOy oldin
  • I haven’t played fortnite in months and now there are players acting like dinosaurs 😂🤔

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    TelecastervisionTelecastervisionOy oldin
  • Dino dog

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  • fortnite is badd

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  • 00:17 I love them too

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  • Good luck there are 700 different species of dinosaurs

    Fantastic RedeyeFantastic RedeyeOy oldin
  • Plz do a video over it McCreamy

    Jason BallardJason BallardOy oldin
  • They go full speed in water and up mountains

    Jason BallardJason BallardOy oldin
  • Off topic but trucks are BROKEN

    Jason BallardJason BallardOy oldin
  • Mcreamy said that if I don’t like in the next 5 seconds someone is going to steal all my vbucks, jokes on them bc I have non 😂

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  • разыгрываю 100$(подписка) условие простые

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  • Imagine making clickbait

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  • More like 65 million yrs ago

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  • Mc creamy I love your vids you make my day and I just wanted to say thank you ☺️☺️☺️

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  • Why is McCreamy so funny😂👌

  • Got me with the click bait again! Yay hehe😑

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  • taco cat backwards is taco cat

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  • We weren't promised that roar in the voice clip was the predator

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  • Man clickbaits more then Ali a smh content actually used to be good

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  • Mccreamy we are in the 21 century so dino dog

    1k to start a channel1k to start a channelOy oldin
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  • I have the best quirk of you all

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  • I also love Dino’s

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  • When Dino's come ima be like hell no

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  • That’s a bruh moment not having dinosaurs

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  • Those were fake leaks I'm pretty sure

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  • Dino dog

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  • The emote is called rawr

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  • 3:26 Fortnite knew that he was making this video so they put an achievement in the game for it

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  • You just earned a sub i love dinosaurs to 😄

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  • They have the cage but no dinos

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  • McCreamy can u plz be fishy for me

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  • He said they can ONLY loot from the new poi... yet he took the blue tac

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  • Fun fact they discovered a Dina sour that was alive in like 1800 and they Didn’t know what it was So they killed it I think it was a pterodactyl oterodactel

    The real gamer tapiaThe real gamer tapiaOy oldin
  • 10:53 Someone named “Like” 😳😳😳

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  • Theres going to be dinosaurs in SEASON 6 chapter 2

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  • This dipoludoculus

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  • These subtitles are crazy

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