1 second to loot challenge *INSANE*

13-Avg, 2020
2 699 861 Ko‘rishlar soni

now this is epic!!
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  • now this is epic 😎

    McCreamyMcCreamy5 oy oldin
    • yes sure

      littleboylittleboy6 kun oldin
    • Um mcreamy could you plese take this video idea and chose me for this its were you let a fan play on your acount for 24 hours and if the drop a 15 kill game and the win they you could add them

      Sammy StillSammy Still20 kun oldin
    • Ikr do a glithc

      BaconBacon26 kun oldin
    • Sypher done 0.5 lol

      Legion X3Legion X32 oy oldin
    • Ya

      Abir 2245Abir 22452 oy oldin
  • Fresh:O.5 second to loot challenge

    gage Mathisgage Mathis15 soat oldin
  • He cheated

    Ben SpargoBen Spargo16 soat oldin
  • That not imposible. 1 mili second is imposible

    skateboardpro 02skateboardpro 0219 soat oldin
  • Then fresh responds with a 0.50 second loot challenge

    Icy epicIcy epicKun oldin
  • Sypher pk di da 0.5 seco de to loot so

    Aucharder VsAucharder VsKun oldin
  • SypherPk beat you lol

    Henry DoodlesHenry DoodlesKun oldin
  • Freash: heheh (does 0.5 seconds to loot) ;) try that

    ELT_SkirtzELT_SkirtzKun oldin
  • you wont do .50 of a second

    32 Clan32 ClanKun oldin
  • 60 milla seconds

    Real Neal7839Real Neal7839Kun oldin
  • Watch him do like 0.1 seconds now IMAGINE

    affect doggoaffect doggoKun oldin
  • McCreamy: 1 second to loot challenge *INSANE* Fresh: 0.1 second to loot challenge *CRAZY*

    Toaster boyToaster boy2 kun oldin
  • Fresh= Yes today were doing the 5 millisecond challange

    sneakypanda 24sneakypanda 242 kun oldin
  • Creamys better than me with a gold scar

    Jemima K.Jemima K.2 kun oldin
  • fresh now the 0.50 seconds to loot challenge

    Patricio Rodríguez MuñozPatricio Rodríguez Muñoz2 kun oldin
  • This is Insane. 1 Second to loot and he won against Grapppler and at the end 1 medkit

    HX4TEDHX4TED2 kun oldin
  • It didn’t work I ain’t get luck

    Drake YTDrake YT2 kun oldin
  • Creamy my man

    Rebecca KousoulosRebecca Kousoulos2 kun oldin
  • "because that's from the sea!" -McCreamy 2020

    King PenguinKing Penguin2 kun oldin
  • Wtf

    Amina FarooqAmina Farooq2 kun oldin
  • I just started the vid but i know this is gonna be pog

    f1zzi3f1zzi32 kun oldin
  • My Xbox was broken and as soon as I liked and subscribed I got the call that my dad could pick it up:)

    Liing NgorLiing Ngor2 kun oldin
  • Sypher did 0.5 seconds to loot

    SmartPG 01SmartPG 012 kun oldin
  • he could just pick a fishin rod -_-

    Leonards LeokeLeonards Leoke2 kun oldin
  • he cheated :/

    Ben WangBen Wang2 kun oldin
  • Fresh yes we're going to do the nano second loot

    big chungusbig chungus3 kun oldin
  • Around the same time this gif was posted SypherPK did a 0.5 second to loot challenge

    Stirling RocheStirling Roche3 kun oldin
  • i love u my brother!!

    ItzMeVision XzItzMeVision Xz3 kun oldin
  • 7:40 damn that girl was swimming really bad

    Jonate & JeromeJonate & Jerome3 kun oldin
  • him 13 kills with grey ar me can't get 10 with gold tac and gold scar

    Fraser GrantFraser Grant3 kun oldin
  • Fresh after this 0.5 senconds to loot challenge

    Gatsangat KaurGatsangat Kaur3 kun oldin
  • in the basement where there is a henchman chest he missed a big ammo box

    madpenguinmadpenguin3 kun oldin
  • He should of landed slurpy for heals

    Kyle BritzKyle Britz3 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy the video that plays next is sypher PK doing the 0.5 seconds to loot challenge LMAO (still love ur content tho)

  • 0.5 seconds by PK

    Michael IbangaMichael Ibanga3 kun oldin
  • 11:36 i got recommended sypherpk doing it in 0.5 seconds lol

    ItsLiamBTWItsLiamBTW3 kun oldin
  • Then fresh pulls up with 0.1 seconds to loot and ends it once and for all

    Yazen DaoudYazen Daoud3 kun oldin
  • bIg dAMaGe

    TheUnder18GamerTheUnder18Gamer3 kun oldin
  • Fresh: 0.1 second to loot

    totally original contenttotally original content3 kun oldin
  • Look at 7:41

    alyssa hanalyssa han4 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy: has a grey AR and destroys people Mcreamy: has mythics and almost dies

    Minecraft DavidMinecraft David4 kun oldin
  • Fresh: What's up guys, YES today we are doing the 0.1 second to loot challenge.

    Zeus_1508Zeus_15084 kun oldin
  • fresh: HEY GUYS, YES, TODAY WERE DOING THE 0.01 second to loot challenge

    How about, NoHow about, No4 kun oldin
  • Did he acctuqlly turn aimbot on

    Ryderplays YTRyderplays YT5 kun oldin
  • ur playing against botsxd

    DaveDave5 kun oldin
  • First try wow

    Juan NunoJuan Nuno5 kun oldin
  • why don't you just play the game?

    Matthew MetzMatthew Metz5 kun oldin
  • 0 second(s) to loot is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo impossible

    Shifted XD7Shifted XD75 kun oldin
  • 7:49UM?

    Mr. JMr. J5 kun oldin
  • That Was Accatley 1 sec

    Jack WalbyofJack Walbyof5 kun oldin
  • And people say that *I* AR spam

    Stab PersonStab Person5 kun oldin
  • He should have stayed in the air for as long as possible and land on a body that the loot was not touched

    Cameron Gray 304Cameron Gray 3046 kun oldin
  • Fresh: YES today we will do 0.50 time to loot

    Bartosz GerBartosz Ger6 kun oldin
  • 1 min to loot but then after this min u mustnt pick up nothing no more matirals no more ammo no more weapons

    littleboylittleboy6 kun oldin
  • i have next challenge

    littleboylittleboy6 kun oldin
  • What sense do play on

    Gaia MarajanianGaia Marajanian6 kun oldin
  • You used 2 Medkits

    Ernests LErnests L6 kun oldin
  • Me seeing sypherpk add me what???

    Hahahhaha UbubHahahhaha Ubub6 kun oldin
  • Watch when you swim 7:41

    Erlend SandbakkErlend Sandbakk6 kun oldin
  • Mcreamy : Grey ar 14 kills me 1 🤣

    Eva ClarkeEva Clarke7 kun oldin
  • I hd these lucid dreams Me (: |

    Jav ; /Jav ; /7 kun oldin
  • Isn’t it funny how when mcreamy said I need aimbot he got broken aim 🤣

    Eva ClarkeEva Clarke7 kun oldin
  • 7:39 = glitch

    Mateo Ian SanaresMateo Ian Sanares7 kun oldin
  • Fat freash

    Carmensol07Carmensol077 kun oldin
  • The first round I saw you miss a big ammo crate while you were complaining about having like no ammo lol

    Finn PlaysFinn Plays7 kun oldin
  • This video was made 2 days after my birthday

    Erisson ContrerasErisson Contreras7 kun oldin
  • POG

    wz ljwz lj7 kun oldin
  • Do a 0.5 second to loot challange

    Eliopå LEliopå L7 kun oldin
  • You cheated with the 2 med kits though

    Max ChibretMax Chibret8 kun oldin
  • Mr creamy collects ammo and keeps grey ar Where as there was green ar lmao

    Hyper BloxYTHyper BloxYT8 kun oldin
  • Fresh:Yes I am doing the 0.0000000000000000000000000001 second loot challenge

    Vortex BlackholeVortex Blackhole8 kun oldin
  • Fresh: whats up guys YES today we are going to be doing the 30 millisecond challenge it fortnite

    Jude RussellJude Russell8 kun oldin
  • Wow

    G.O.A.T Of The GameG.O.A.T Of The Game8 kun oldin
  • Wait why is this season 3 content 🤔

    Denis der ich weiß nicht. IdkDenis der ich weiß nicht. Idk8 kun oldin
    • Oh wait sorry I thought this video was 4 hours ago but it’s actually 4 months

      Denis der ich weiß nicht. IdkDenis der ich weiß nicht. Idk8 kun oldin
  • 0 seconds

    Jesús RodríguezJesús Rodríguez8 kun oldin
  • 7:40 his body be like 📈📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📉

    Sergio RamirezSergio Ramirez9 kun oldin
  • Fresh:0 sec to loot😂😂

    Sergio RamirezSergio Ramirez9 kun oldin
  • Fresh couldn’t compete

    Jesse HumpherysJesse Humpherys9 kun oldin
  • My first idea would be to pick up fishing rod

    Matteo SilvaMatteo Silva9 kun oldin
  • Mccreamy: 1 minute to loot Fresh: 30 seconds to loot Mccreamy: 10 seconds to loot Fresh: 5 seconds to loot Mccreamy: 1 second to loot SypherPK: 0.5 seconds to loot What’s next?

    OSGPOSGP9 kun oldin
  • chilling to the highest degree?????

    Marco BrankerMarco Branker9 kun oldin
  • Fresh 0.01 seconds to loot

    Joseph McGradyJoseph McGrady9 kun oldin
  • It didn’t work I subed and liked :(

    Outdoor GuyOutdoor Guy9 kun oldin
  • McCreamy: "Does 60 sec to loot challenge" Fresh: "...And I took that personally."

    The IcebreakerThe Icebreaker9 kun oldin

    CWNC_Wills1024CWNC_Wills10249 kun oldin
  • And than fresh does 00000000.1 seconds to loot.

    PityItIdiotPityItIdiot9 kun oldin
  • McCreamy: 1 *second to loot challenge!* SypherPK: *0.5 seconds to loot challenge!* (Disclaimer) If this is comment is already made i didnt know. So dont blame me if you think this is copied.

    Zero TwoZero Two10 kun oldin
  • What the heck did he do at 7:40

    Jamie OkopalJamie Okopal10 kun oldin
  • Fresh : "No loot challenge!"

    sammy hardysammy hardy10 kun oldin
  • Just one second and we can’t even get any loot wtf

    2D06劉姸希2D06劉姸希10 kun oldin
  • Couldn’t he open a chest to see if he gets the gun which has the ammo he needs? Or no?

    Wilzies4Wilzies410 kun oldin
  • did no when see the soccer skins form 7:41

    harrison Smithharrison Smith10 kun oldin
  • 1 milo second

    Sahid RamosSahid Ramos10 kun oldin
  • You did not get it in 1 second you got it in .1.01 seconds

    jennifer richardsonjennifer richardson10 kun oldin
  • When your freind says he is the best in fortnight then you show him this video

    Khania DwyerKhania Dwyer10 kun oldin
  • Tip: land slurpy swamps s9 you can get heath and shield

    II10 kun oldin
  • McCreamy, uploads 1 second to loot challenge. Fresh, uploads no loot challenge. Mccreamy, uploads no material, no ammo no heals. Fresh, uploads no loot - no moving challenge

    Unknown ElkUnknown Elk11 kun oldin
  • Iq would be to go to a supply drop and open it giving you good loot and meda

    Alfie TownAlfie Town11 kun oldin
  • 0:23

    loulou the catloulou the cat11 kun oldin
  • Ten minutes later fresh does zero seconds

    terry.samantha luckterry.samantha luck11 kun oldin